Our philosophy

Visiting Dreamboat is travelling to a place of beauty.

No need to rush. Take your time. Drift away.

It is the world of Dreamboat and His Masters Choice.

The world of a stylist, interior designer and an art collector. Driven by beauty of materials, design and craftsmanship. A sensory trip shared with you for you to keep.


We see objects and pieces as investments to enjoy now and for the future.

Built to last.
Timeless, time after time.


Objects and pieces your next generation will continue to enjoy.

This will be your favourite jacket in years to come.
Your favourite pair of gloves.
This will be what you hand down.

This is how your grandfather’s favourite shirt began. Ethical and sustainable slow fashion, precious keepsakes. Memories to hold onto. A lifestyle of beautiful considered objects, with meaning by a maker.


Our collections are very personal collections.

Each season hand-picked with a keen eye and a clear sensory vision. Curated with utmost care to bring beauty to the world around you. To encourage and nurture ethics through aesthetics.
Inspired by memories. Inspired to help you make new ones.
Past, present and future.


Going back in time whilst moving forward.

Back to a time of love and care before throwaway fashion and single-use anything came about.
Fast forward to where things are intended again to last, made by makers, selected with care and enjoyed with time.
We value your time, your senses and your space. Enjoy and delight for a better, beautiful life.


Making memories. This is our legacy.

Dreamboat is founded in 2003 by Stephanie Rammeloo.