A few weeks ago I mentioned the website I was working on: kleurinspiratie.nl. My work is online now on this website. You can find six colour forecasts for the coming season for inspiration for you own house, plus a tool with which you can test these colours on an image of a room in your house. It is in Dutch, but if you don’t speak the language, you can still look at the images. I made the colour forecasts with Maaike Koorman, plus I wrote the texts.

mood boards

When I’m working on a design for a house, or a cook book, or an interior production, I like to work with mood boards. They they give me inspiration before I start working, they really make me happy and excited about my work when I’m making them, they make sure I stick to the idea that I first have (which most of the times is the best idea) and they give other people a general idea of the direction your working in. Plus they look nice. At home I just stick them to the walls in the spaces that I happen to be working in at that time.
The images are taken by Paul Barbera