back in Buenos Aires, in my mind

Today I took a little trip down memory lane, when I was showing some pictures of our trip to Argentina a few months ago. And I realized that I didn’t show half of the better things that I discovered in Buenos Airs. Like this amazing shop in Palermo, Amores Trash Couture. A curious name, and the fact that you have to ring a bell, next to a big white, iron gate, only adds to the curiosity. Once inside, you enter a kind of dreamworld shop where, if it was in a dream, Abba, Andy Warhol, Jacky and Joan Collins, Debby Harris and Madonna would come and shop (or party). The clothes are eccentric and the accessories: I wanted to have them all. But especially the interior was something that will stay in my memory for ever. It’s not about fashion, it’s about style.

new work, new inspiration

I still owe you my last reports from the best of Buenos Aires, including a visit to a beautiful poloclub with a hotel. But in the mean time we have returned to our beloved Amsterdam. And I’m already working on some exciting new projects. I have been asked to decorate a new house, from scratch, and I’m very happy with this new project. While I was going through some magazines for inspiration, in Marie Claire Maison I stumbled upon an extremely talented, inspiring group of designers/architects in France: Ciguë. They do big projects, like renovating old barns and designing new houses, in breathtaking countrysides. But also smaller houses for which they invent very clever, and cheap solutions. I wish I was them!

sweet Colonia

Now that we’re almost leaving Argentina, we are very busy finishing our to-do-list. One of the items on it was visiting Colonia del Sacramento, in Uruguay. It is across the river from Buenos Aires, it only takes about an hour by boat, so an easy journey to a lovely, old, romantic little town. Like our first experience with Uruguay, we were enchanted by the sweetness of the people, the respect for nature and culture and the easy pace. And the view on the river, from both sides of the old town, is stunning, especially at sunset.
We had a lucky shot with our hotel, Colonia Suite, which we picked from TripAdvisor, and it was the perfect choice. Colonia Suite is a bed-and-breakfast with three rooms in a lovely house, where we had the big garden room, with our own balcony with stairs to the beautiful garden. The owner, Fred, was the sweetest man, who made us feel really welcome, and prepared a big breakfast for us every morning. He also arranged a wonderful dinner in Energais, a private restaurant in town, where we had drinks before dinner in the garden under the stars, between giant cactuses (which we incidentally had been admiring during the day) and a view on the river and Buenos Aires.

good Bye, part 2

One thing that I’m really going to miss is the beautiful park in Palermo, also known as Bosque de Palermo. A beautifully landscaped big park, with a enormous rose garden that seems to be in bloom always. Especially Saturdays afternoons are good, when everybody is there to have a good time, skate, ride a bike or a horse cart, or just to sit and see the sun setting and the leaves turning. A bit like Central Park.


I’ve found a new place that will be given a high number in my list of Favourite Places in the World: La Pedrera, in beautiful Uruguay.

When I was a child, we used to spend almost all our holidays in La Guimorais in France, and I still dream about that about once a week. And now I’ve found a place similar to it, on the other side of the world. And, like in my childhood, we’ve found a place where you can sleep in the dunes, so you can hear the sea in your dreams as well. Only this time no cold water showers and little tents.

In Pueblo Barrancas, you can choose for Glamping, beautiful, well furnished big tents or, like we did, big wooden cabins on stilts. Pueblo Barrancas has eco-friendlyness high on their priority list, they make sure the stunning dunes and nature are reserved. I’m all for that, especially if I can sleep 20 meters from the sea, and I’m welcomed by all those wonderful people that work here. We loved the place and the village, and the whole country so much, it needs further investigation!

my ‘best of San Telmo’

Well, we have left San Telmo and moved (uptown, so to say) to Palermo Hollywood. A lot to discover, and of course you’ll get a long report. But now that we’ve left San Telmo, I can remember better wich things and places I loved best there, aside from the addresses I already mentioned. Sunday mornings were my favourite.
If you start reasonably early, you’ll find the streets still empty and calm, so you’ll have the time to discover in a gentle pace. Good to walk the big round, and if you reach the end of your round, (if you start from the side of AV. San Juan, that is) the streets are bustling with people, couples dancing the tango, finally!, musicians playing the music to go with it, and shops open that are closed on weekdays. And the street markets are at it’s best, with beautiful lace table cloths, old earrings, flowery tea cups and plates, stuff you would hope to find in your grandmothers’ attic.
My favourite stall was in a little doorway at the beginning of Defensa, near Av. San Juan. I bought some lovely old lace and velvet flower corsages there. If you are more interested in stuff from the now, not to worry, they’re opened as well. I liked Vicky Otero’s designs, and fortunatly there was a sale going on. A few blocks down there was a nice tea-cheese-shop, El Baztán, nice to have a quiet cup of tea and to get away from the crowds. Origen was also a favourite, but I mostly went there to work (1 day a week), Origen, because it was close by, the food was fresh and healthy(-ish), and it has big terrace in front. Around the corner from Origen, I finally found a good massage place, if you’re ever in San Telmo, go to Solemia System at Carlos Calvo 606, and ask for Eva.

restaurant Caseros

Quite close to where we live at the moment, there’s a lovely restaurant, called Caseros. Especially nice to go there for lunch, because the interior is nice and clean, and the food they serve fits the atmosphere: nice and light, with lovely grilled vegetables, salads, marinated salmon and shrimps. I also enjoyed the grilled Provolone. Go here if you happen to be in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, and you’re looking for a nice alternative for the grill restaurants (who are also mostly very good, by the way).

San Telmo, my new neighborhood

So… we’re in Buenos Aires. All the stories I heard about this city are true: alive, vibrant, inspiring. I’m still in the middle of exploring our new neighborhood, San Telmo, where will be living for one months. Because we have two small children, it probably takes a bit longer before we have seen everything. But because we walk in a slow pace, we won’t miss a thing! San Telmo is divided in two parts by a big high way. We live in the more quiet part, in an amazing house (more about which later). Actually, we’re surrounded by beautiful architecture, old and new. Run down or rebuilt. Near us is a small park, Parcue Lezama, some colorful shops, and two fantastic restaurants. Hierbabuena is good for lunch, with or without children, because they have great salads an the most delicious fresh raspberryjuice I have ever tasted. Nicely decorated with sparkling green tiles. A few doors down is Caseros, a sparsely decorated restaurant, very stylish and chic. We had a beautiful lunch there with family and friends, and we’ll go there for dinner tonight. More about that later.

colorful dreams

In Tanti, near Cordoba, we rented a beautiful house, with a giant garden, close to the river. It’s owners are Dutch, so you get an interesting mix of Argentinian architecture and Dutch classic furniture, Argentinian nature and Dutch landscaping. With a very beautiful and calming result. There was one room in the house that was absolutely my favorite. It was semi-separate from the house, and the stairs to it already gave me a good feeling. Fresh, tangy but still soft yellow-green walls combined with green tiles, and on top of the stairs a nice promise for the room. It was painted in a lovely soft pink-orange tint, walls and ceilings. On the bed a nice, handmade, quilt, a lappendeken we call it in Holland. Nice idea for boring winter evenings (next year). Even the closets gave a new inspiration: a small little round metal screen to let in some fresh air. The flowery curtains were a bit faded, but that only adds to the romantic atmosphere.

color inspiration from Carlos Paz

Milky white, blue-ish white, grey white, pink-white, green white, yellow white, with a touch of caramel, black, green and pink. The houses and walls in the streets in Carlos Paz are probably not intend to be an inspiration for a color palette. But they give me new ideas for a raw, but still calming color combination anyway.

inspiration from Carlos Paz

Before I report on the wonderful things that I’m seeing in Buenos Aires, where we are now, I want to show you the beauty of Tanti, Carlos Paz and other small towns and villages that we visited near Cordoba, Argentina. Carlos Paz is a strange little town. At first glance not beautiful at all. But if you take a closer look, fascinating. Beautiful houses next to the ugliest buildings you can imagine. Trees and flowers everywhere. Amazingly beautiful rivers and streams, where everybody gathers on a free afternoon or to spend a sunday. And everybody cleans up after they leave. And even the pavements, or a hand painted sign on a car, are a joy for the eye.

inspiration point: Tanti, Argentina

Now that I’m not surrounded by high tech design, fashion and architecture, I can focus on other sources of inspiration. Tanti, a charming little village in Argentina, an hour from Cordoba, is a good starting point. The nature is breathtakingly beautiful, and is well respected by everybody. and the people that live here, with their calm and gentle, and funloving nature, are teaching lesson or two in how to live your life. Now that we’re on a sabbatical, just the thing that I’m looking for. Besides that, I have time to explore more settings and techniques on my camera, like Diarama and Black and White Grainy images.