IJM COLOUR by Frank Visser

IJM COLOUR is a high quality interior paint in more than 92 shades. The paint is rich in pigment and, according to the professional painters, is very easy to work with. The colours are selected by artist and set designer Frank Visser, and cover various colour-stories that he tells with images, paintings and sets. We are the proud supplier of his paint line. High quality needs time and care: we take our time to help you select the colours. When you have found the colour that you want, the paint is prepared and can be picked up in our shop after 3 workdays.

Good to know:
• delivery time: 3 workdays, pick up in our shop
• you can select the colour in our shop, we are more than happy to help you select and advise you on the quatities, qualities and colours
• we sell sample pots of a selection of the colours, so you can first test it in your home. The samples are only available in wall paint
• we also have several small samples on wood, that you can borrow to see if the colour matches the light in your house and the rest of your furniture
• new walls and new wood need to first be treated with primer
• apply at least two layers for the best result

The paint is available in these qualities:
• Fluwex: a deep matte, powdery water-based wall paint, 2,5 liter/3 kilo, covers 20m2 (one layer) € 69
• DA Qualtiy: waterproof water-based wall paint with a subtle gloss, for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, and other rooms that are frequently used. 1 liter for 9-12m2 (one layer), € 49
• Water-based Varnish for woodwork (indoors), 1 liter for 10-12m2, € 59
• Water-based Primer for indoors and outdoors, for wood, plastic, PVC, Trespa, tiles, steel, 1 liter for 9-10m2 (one layer), € 59
• Soft Gloss Varnish for concrete or wooden floors and stairs, 1 liter for 7-8m2 (one layer), € 69

Other qualities are available on request
Need more help? Interior designer and owner Stephanie Rammeloo is available for appointments in your house or office