The icing on the cake

Sometimes a job just feels right, from the start. The subject, the client, the location; everything is right. Like past monday, when I worked for Ganbaroo PR, who takes care of the PR for Zeeman, a big store in textiles. They had some exciting news: a wedding dress for just 29,99 euros. For the press event I was asked to do the styling and work out the menu for the caterer. A job like this? The cherry on the pie!

Here’s some words that came to mind, got me on the way and inspired me: surprising, affordable, stylish, a little rustic, pure, easy on the eye, urban, festive.

all images are by @defotomeisjes
 shoes by  CP113 , flowers by  Antoesa Bloemen
shoes by CP113 , flowers by Antoesa Bloemen

 catering by  Bojana Flavors
catering by Bojana Flavors

 cabinet by Burbri Antiek
cabinet by Burbri Antiek




Frank Visser – Cruise Collection – paint and collage on wood

Frank Visser is known world wide for his fabulous decors, paints and other dream like designs & settings made in his studio in Amsterdam. He’s also the designer of the paint collection IJM Colours.

Inspired by scenes and tableaus that come accross his vision during his travels he has now made a series with paint and collages. First shown in Milan during the 25th anniversary of Elle Decor Italia, now exhibited at and for sale in Dreamboat & His Master’s Choice from November 2015 through January 2016.


 still life with lemon 185,-
still life with lemon 185,-
 girl with purse 185,-
girl with purse 185,-
 girl in orange skirt 185,-
girl in orange skirt 185,-
 pear and vase 135,-
pear and vase 135,-
 still life with wine 115
still life with wine 115
 living room 185,-
living room 185,-
 nature 125,-
nature 125,-
 couple in kitchen 185,
couple in kitchen 185,

Meet the maker I: Jasper Zwartjes

Part of Dreamboat Shop is called His Master’s Choice, and is Aernoud Bourdrez’ creative brain on display. He has curated the collection according to his own tastes and vision. Aernoud Bourdrez is a lawyer for creatives and has helped many artists protecting their intellectual property. His does this in his own special way, some people call him the friendly stalker. He believes most conflicts can be solved before fighting in court. He even wrote a book about it, so others can copy his conflict solving strategies. Of course this book is also for sale at His Master’s Choice.

He also has a special view on art, so he sells works by his favourite artists, from Amsterdam and beyond. This weekend new work will be on display, made by Jasper Zwartjes: Father and Son. We cordially invite you to meet with this inspiring photographer and film maker.

Jasper Zwartjes has an eye for things that others don’t see: that one moment that show the exact right feeling. An image that doens’t need words. In his early childhood, growing up in a family of artists, he already lived in his own fantasy world. When he held a camera for the first time, it was clear this was his mission.

Frans Zwartjes is a photographer, film maker, musician, violin builder, drawer, painter and sculptor. He earned fame in the late sixties with his experimental black and white movies. The (near) absence of a narrative build up is characteristic for his films. The shape rather than the content prevails. Text is non existent in his movies.

Meet the maker: Marlein Overakker

Marlein Overakker

Each bird, handmade by my dear friend and inspirer Marlein Overakker, is a sculptural collage, shaped from many layers of temporary newspaper rippings, all hand torn and applied with wallpaper glue. The colour is created without any paint, instead it is made from sections of newspaper pictures or magazine advertisements, torn into small feathers and other details, to embody the specific colour and identity of the bird as seen in nature. Each bird comes with a small book, describing the bird’s lifestyle and natural habits. Marlein Overakker is a food stylist, chef performer and a true artist. I have worked with her for several food productions. I love visiting her work place, and I always feel like a little child mesmerised by all the beauty that surrounds me there.

Dreamboat Design Studio & Store

On my way to make a dream come true, part two: my own studio and shop is now a fact:

Dreamboat: beautiful knitwear and other items by Le Mont Saint Michel, socks by Royalties Paris, Mannish scarves, body oils & soaps by Liza Witte for both Men & Women and purses & socks by Maria La Rosa, Mannish jackets, jewellery by Charlotte Wooning and Maison Irem for women. Bird Stories by Marlein Overakker, Paint by Ijm Colours, notebooks and pocket books by Tom Pigeon, and many other objets trouvées and special finds by Dreamboat.

His Master’s Choice will bring you an art collection, books, travel wear, office goods, home perfume by The Collective and other favorite items selected by Aernoud Bourdrez. Haas & Hahn, Scheltens & Abbenes, Laura Laine and Eddo Hartmann are on display first.

Come and visit us and all the beautiful items we would like to share with you at Czaar Peterstraat 145, 1018 SK Amsterdam

Dreamboat Design Studio is opened Monday – Friday from 10:00 – 17:00

Dreamboat Store is opened Tuesday – Friday from 10:00 – 18:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 – 17:00


Image by Basten Leijh

welcome to my new world

It has taken the longest time, but I’m so happy that I have a new website. It puts all my work and passions in one address. I want to share what’s keeping me busy, and what’s making my work and my life a wonderful place.

One of my big dreams was to have my own shop. In my work as a stylist and interior designer I come across so many things that I would love to share with the world. Designs that are beautifully made, made with love and care and with the best materials. Like the wonderful clothes of my favorite brand Le Mont Saint Michel.

Le Mont Saint Michel in real life is an abbey on a rock between Normandy and Brittany that you can only reach when the tide is low. It is a childhood memory from the times we would go and celebrate our family holidays in Brittany. When we could see the abbey we knew we were almost there, and the happy times would begin. Le Mont Saint Michel brings back so warm memories of endless summer evenings, playing in the sand and the sea and running around with no care in the world.

So when I saw the sweater in powdery pink, in a little shop in Arles, my heart skipped a beat. When I found out Le Mont Saint Michel is a proper fashion brand, I knew that this would be the starting point of my shop. Now was the time.

I met the lovely people in Paris, and I was pleased to find out that they share the same ideas of quality and beauty. And they have such a nice history, and a breathtaking beautiful castle from where they run their business, the Castle of Monthorin, ‘where flowers are not contained in vases, they grow wildly in the field.’ My kind of place.

       Le Mont Saint Michel is famous for its vintage inspired knitwear with a cut that is right on trend. The brand is under direction of Alexandre Milan. Le Mont Saint Michel started in 1918 as Tricotages de l'Aa, producing textile. Their qualitiy of their craftsmanship had been recognized by other designers. Agnès B, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Claudie Pierlot, they all knew where to find the perfect knit.    To look for the right yarn, the right technique and to source the right factory to produce it, are skills Alexandre Milan has inherited from his parents. Milan's father lifted Tricotages de l’Aa to another level. In the fifties Les Tricotages de L’Aa went from 40 to 270 employees.
  Le Mont Saint Michel is famous for its vintage inspired knitwear with a cut that is right on trend. The brand is under direction of Alexandre Milan. Le Mont Saint Michel started in 1918 as Tricotages de l’Aa, producing textile. Their qualitiy of their craftsmanship had been recognized by other designers. Agnès B, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Claudie Pierlot, they all knew where to find the perfect knit. To look for the right yarn, the right technique and to source the right factory to produce it, are skills Alexandre Milan has inherited from his parents. Milan’s father lifted Tricotages de l’Aa to another level. In the fifties Les Tricotages de L’Aa went from 40 to 270 employees. “From a very young age I was involved in the family company and now it’s time to get involved into something else”, says Milan. Nowadays the family heritage lives on under a new direction, a new name and a new look. Being part of a 4th generation of textile manufacturers, he was able to rejuvenate his family DNA by setting up his own label Le Mont Saint Michel. The items are still designed in Brittany, in a beautiful castle. To choose Brittany over Paris was a well-made decision, Alexandre Milan explains. “There’s manufacturing DNA in this location and I didn’t want the technical knowhow and the archive to go to waste. That’s why the creative studio is based here.” Le Mont Saint Michel displays a full prêt-à-porter line, with heavy focus on knits. Milan is very passionate about knitwear giving it a modern and post-pop twist. He draws inspiration from the environment and precious archives dating from the fifties to the nineties. The brand keeps revisiting authentic staples. And vintage textile got revamped by using modern cuts, clean ribbings, neat lines and dashing colors. Le Mont Saint Michel sure loves to stay upbeat. If the brand is on trend, it’s because it creates sharp, fresh and mostly unique designs. Thanks to this attitude and being far away from the Parisian fashion scene, the studio can keep its focus. In addition each team member is free to bring forth new ideas. It’s this sense of freedom, authenticity and creativity that appeals to many clients, from Japan to the US. This look is all about playing with contrasts: soft and rough, silk and wool, fluid and rigid, matt and shiny, oversized and tight-fitting. It’s up to the wearing how to wear it. After all, fashion is not rigid, it’s a personal game without rules.

the bell jar

VT Wonen: love, live and shop.

Here’s what I did: I used two different sized bell jars that I bought at &Klevering, I painted the base white with a wet brush so the effect is a still bit rough/relaxed. For the first image I used a vase and a necklace that I borrowed from Annliz, a shell that I found on the beach in Brittany, a wooden heart (bought at Nunc), painted white, and a heart that I cut from cork, also painted white. Next to the jar is a letter that my mother wrote to me when I first moved to Amsterdam.

For the second image I created some sort of cliff, of a cardboard box and little books that I found in an antiques shop, on top of which is perched a little wooden house (which is actually a pencil sharpner) and a wooden sheep and goose, bought at a old fashioned toy shop. Next to it wooden dominoes that I found in a thrift shop.

For the last image I made a little bag from pearl colored fake leather. This I balanced on little packages, gifts and surprises wrapped in paper. Next to it a hatpin, that I borrowed from a beautiful shop in Gieteveen, Voegertijd, that we also were taking pictures of for another magazine. In the back an old piece of crystal and a thimble, which I also found in a thrift shop.

I’m very happy with the result, and also very happy to be back!

co-production with Maaike Koorman.

Photography: Agnes Barten/

Studio 5982

(I had an injury on my right arm,  which makes blogging a bit difficult).

how it’s meant to be

A few weeks ago, I was working on a styling/photography assignment with Maaike Koorman for a roof garden in Amsterdam, built by the Dakdokters. It was agreed upon that I could borrow furniture and accessories at a shop in Laren, Kerkhof, and a shop in Baarn, Nijhof. The drive through Laren reminded me of a beautiful, insprired, and inspiring shop that I used to visit a lot when I was a stylist for an interior magazine, back in the olden days. I was curious to know if it still is as nice now as it was then, 10 years ago. It was, and it was even better that I remembered. This is a style that I love, and that I hope to be able to one day put in a house, for myself or for a customer. I love the balance between modern and authentic, rough and sleek. The image next to the green chair is made by Mirjam Bleeker.

The shop is called Meker Atelier and the addres is: Mauvezand 2, in Laren (NH).

I’ve been working on…

…a house in Ede, in the east part of Holland. The beautiful house, kind of a house boat on land, has a ground floor with open spaced living room and kitchen, and a floor below sea level with two bedrooms, a studio, a bathroom and storage rooms.
I had the honour to decorate the house, from scratch. That meant deciding on the floor, the kitchen, toilets, sinks, made-to-measure furniture, bathroom, colors, the works. A big job, and a very exciting one.
For a job this big, I take a lot of time with the customer to decide on the style, and the floor plans. I translate the choice we make in mood boards. With these as a hand book I start sketching, that means technical drawings (with help from architect friend Jasper Westebring, of course). With a few options I go back to the customer, and together we decide on a master plan.
I will show you my mood boards first, after that I will show you some images of the result, before all the furniture was moved in. It takes a lot of time to settle in, always, and I can’t wait any longer to show you the results.

back in Buenos Aires, in my mind

Today I took a little trip down memory lane, when I was showing some pictures of our trip to Argentina a few months ago. And I realized that I didn’t show half of the better things that I discovered in Buenos Airs. Like this amazing shop in Palermo, Amores Trash Couture. A curious name, and the fact that you have to ring a bell, next to a big white, iron gate, only adds to the curiosity. Once inside, you enter a kind of dreamworld shop where, if it was in a dream, Abba, Andy Warhol, Jacky and Joan Collins, Debby Harris and Madonna would come and shop (or party). The clothes are eccentric and the accessories: I wanted to have them all. But especially the interior was something that will stay in my memory for ever. It’s not about fashion, it’s about style.

new work, new inspiration

I still owe you my last reports from the best of Buenos Aires, including a visit to a beautiful poloclub with a hotel. But in the mean time we have returned to our beloved Amsterdam. And I’m already working on some exciting new projects. I have been asked to decorate a new house, from scratch, and I’m very happy with this new project. While I was going through some magazines for inspiration, in Marie Claire Maison I stumbled upon an extremely talented, inspiring group of designers/architects in France: Ciguë. They do big projects, like renovating old barns and designing new houses, in breathtaking countrysides. But also smaller houses for which they invent very clever, and cheap solutions. I wish I was them!