The icing on the cake

Sometimes a job just feels right, from the start. The subject, the client, the location; everything is right. Like past monday, when I worked for Ganbaroo PR, who takes care of the PR for Zeeman, a big store in textiles. They had some exciting news: a wedding dress for just 29,99 euros. For the press event I was asked to do the styling and work out the menu for the caterer. A job like this? The cherry on the pie!

Here’s some words that came to mind, got me on the way and inspired me: surprising, affordable, stylish, a little rustic, pure, easy on the eye, urban, festive.

all images are by @defotomeisjes
 shoes by  CP113 , flowers by  Antoesa Bloemen
shoes by CP113 , flowers by Antoesa Bloemen

 catering by  Bojana Flavors
catering by Bojana Flavors

 cabinet by Burbri Antiek
cabinet by Burbri Antiek