Meet the maker I: Jasper Zwartjes

Part of Dreamboat Shop is called His Master’s Choice, and is Aernoud Bourdrez’ creative brain on display. He has curated the collection according to his own tastes and vision. Aernoud Bourdrez is a lawyer for creatives and has helped many artists protecting their intellectual property. His does this in his own special way, some people call him the friendly stalker. He believes most conflicts can be solved before fighting in court. He even wrote a book about it, so others can copy his conflict solving strategies. Of course this book is also for sale at His Master’s Choice.

He also has a special view on art, so he sells works by his favourite artists, from Amsterdam and beyond. This weekend new work will be on display, made by Jasper Zwartjes: Father and Son. We cordially invite you to meet with this inspiring photographer and film maker.

Jasper Zwartjes has an eye for things that others don’t see: that one moment that show the exact right feeling. An image that doens’t need words. In his early childhood, growing up in a family of artists, he already lived in his own fantasy world. When he held a camera for the first time, it was clear this was his mission.

Frans Zwartjes is a photographer, film maker, musician, violin builder, drawer, painter and sculptor. He earned fame in the late sixties with his experimental black and white movies. The (near) absence of a narrative build up is characteristic for his films. The shape rather than the content prevails. Text is non existent in his movies.