back in Buenos Aires, in my mind

Today I took a little trip down memory lane, when I was showing some pictures of our trip to Argentina a few months ago. And I realized that I didn’t show half of the better things that I discovered in Buenos Airs. Like this amazing shop in Palermo, Amores Trash Couture. A curious name, and the fact that you have to ring a bell, next to a big white, iron gate, only adds to the curiosity. Once inside, you enter a kind of dreamworld shop where, if it was in a dream, Abba, Andy Warhol, Jacky and Joan Collins, Debby Harris and Madonna would come and shop (or party). The clothes are eccentric and the accessories: I wanted to have them all. But especially the interior was something that will stay in my memory for ever. It’s not about fashion, it’s about style.

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  1. Dear Stephanie,
    Just seen your lovely kitchen in "Nya Rum" – the Swedish interior design magazine. I instantly fell in love with the kitchen tiles that you have used but can't find them in the shops over here. Could you help me by revealing their brand? I would be forever grateful!

    Ta ta,

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