my ‘best of San Telmo’

Well, we have left San Telmo and moved (uptown, so to say) to Palermo Hollywood. A lot to discover, and of course you’ll get a long report. But now that we’ve left San Telmo, I can remember better wich things and places I loved best there, aside from the addresses I already mentioned. Sunday mornings were my favourite.
If you start reasonably early, you’ll find the streets still empty and calm, so you’ll have the time to discover in a gentle pace. Good to walk the big round, and if you reach the end of your round, (if you start from the side of AV. San Juan, that is) the streets are bustling with people, couples dancing the tango, finally!, musicians playing the music to go with it, and shops open that are closed on weekdays. And the street markets are at it’s best, with beautiful lace table cloths, old earrings, flowery tea cups and plates, stuff you would hope to find in your grandmothers’ attic.
My favourite stall was in a little doorway at the beginning of Defensa, near Av. San Juan. I bought some lovely old lace and velvet flower corsages there. If you are more interested in stuff from the now, not to worry, they’re opened as well. I liked Vicky Otero’s designs, and fortunatly there was a sale going on. A few blocks down there was a nice tea-cheese-shop, El Baztán, nice to have a quiet cup of tea and to get away from the crowds. Origen was also a favourite, but I mostly went there to work (1 day a week), Origen, because it was close by, the food was fresh and healthy(-ish), and it has big terrace in front. Around the corner from Origen, I finally found a good massage place, if you’re ever in San Telmo, go to Solemia System at Carlos Calvo 606, and ask for Eva.