news from Maison & Objet: eco – deco – grey

It is good to see that so many designers try to be as eco friendly in their designs as possible. And I’m happy to see that eco has long left behind her gritty, dusty feel. You can even say that eco has become a style of it’s own. And that designers are inspired by it’s authentic, pure, unbleached look. With colors like the soft greys of pure cotton and linen, maybe sometimes colored with herbal and mineral colorings, accessories made of pure clay and stone, combined with black and white. Some add a feminine, more decorative touch with lace or padding and even sequins. It is soft and tender, and easy on the eye, but still interesting, exciting look.

pictures show work from Poterie des Guimards, pillows by Margarete Häusler, pillows by Nicolette Brunklaus, curtains by Beatrice Laval and a chair upholstered with linen from Leitner.