Stephanie was here

Phew, I’ve been busy! But working ‘behind the scenes’, like trying to get some building permits (boring) (and complicated), shopping with and for clients (very nice!, but I already wrote about the shops I wanted to bring them to), working with the carpenter who’s making some nice benches for a garden and a basement, watching paint dry and making some new paint samples. Nothing is finished yet, so there’s nothing to show yet.

So it was time to reload my battery, as they say. And I chose the perfect spot to do that: B&B In de Aap, a beautiful Bed&Breakfast in a little village near the coast in the North of Holland.

Even if you don’t go for the breazy seaside style, there’s plenty of decorating ideas that work for any style. I like the wooden floors that are glued to the floor. You have the lovely feel of wood on your bare feet, without creaking that can wake you up in the middle of the night. And not the cracks where most of the dust and crumbs go when you’re not watching. I also love the egg shell-paint, that gives the wood a nice gloss.

The walls have wall heating, which prevents the dust from flying around. And I like it better than floor heating because that always gives me the feeling that I have a fever. The chalky paint on the walls and the ceilings are perfect for walls that aren’t completely straight, and it gives a nice nonchalant feel to any room. It can also work beautifully for a more loft style-house, because of the unfinished, raw look it can create.

The bathroom is a dream, with a nice big bathtub and a beautifully tiled shower and a tadelakt floor, a lime plaster that is traditionally used in Moroccan hammams. Beautiful and nice and soft to your feet.

All in all, a lovely place, (with a lovely big breakfast) that I will visit more often. They also have a nice and cosy family house, nice for a next visit.