toilet drawings

Yesterday I finally remembered to take pictures of our toilet while the sun was shining. “Why?”, you may wonder. Because recently Olga Scholten made some beautiful, funny little drawings in a corner near the ceiling, because I designed a closet for her.

Olga Scholten is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam, and works for several companies like Het Zuiderzeemuseum and Het Concertgebouw. She also make really funny animations, if you have a moment to spare, check her website and play.

Two years ago she was invited by Dave Eggers to be a part of his exhibition at Apexart ‘Lots of Things Like This’ in New York, and now she’s organising an exhibition like that herself with drawings by different artists from all over the world, to open sometime next year.

She also published a book with lovely, poetic and funny (and also sometimes sad) drawings, that you can order through her website.

And she made some cute little drawings with edible ink for some cupcakes for the book Happiness is a Cupcake, that I made with Sanne Dirkzwager.Happiness is a cupcake set
Happiness is a cupcake set
Stephanie Rammeloo & Dirkzwager, S.