Julie Cockburn

Today I was working on a colour scheme for a beautiful house that a new client bought. I started with collecting images for a mood board, and I refound this beautiful image of a nice, cool and sleek toilet, in an Elle Decor from a year or two ago. The atmosphere would fit nicely in the house, which is already breathtakingly beautiful. But what caught my eye especially was a lovely artwork on the wall by Julie Cockburn
Julie Cockburn makes touchingly beautiful sculptures and paintings created out of printed image, or books, and other objects she found. Like Plasticine Flowers, from a still life painting, or An Attempt to Copy a Drawing I Made When I was 5 (like the title explains: a drawing she copied, in embroidery). Or, the one that made me curious about the artist, a sculpture of pages of a book, the Keats Flower book. More recent work you can find with Re-Title.