maison & objet, 1

A tiny part of the fair is Objets de Mode, with small boots for little design companies, like La Cerise sur le Gâteau, Zoe de las Cases, Miss Print and Numero 74. The designs are all really personal and authentic. But, if you want a general trend, there’s a lot of humour in it and a lot of colour.
La Cerise sur le Gâteau ( makes home linen, like dish cloths and bed linen, but I like the pillow cases best. With which you can add a light, funny and colourful touch to your house. (first image).
Zoe de las Cases ( makes inventive, cute objects for your house. Like posters, bags and boxes with beautiful old family pictures printed on them, or a game with different scents. Her latest design is this stamp kit, which you can use to cheer up you paperwork. Like contracts or bills, for instance. (last three images).