maison & objet trend: mixing, patchwork & ethnic chic

This nice rug, in the first image, captures two trends in one: patchwork AND ethnic chic! Well done. 
Ceannis, that also makes some wonderful bags, gives the patchwork-trend a try as well, on their pillows.
TM Collection, in the last image, makes its own mix, of ethnic fabric and bohemian prints. They design fashion as well as home wear, like pillows and lamp shades.

maison & objet trend: pastels

This nice stack of plates by Reichenbach shows a good overview of another, more muted colour theme: nice, dark, powdery pastels with a touch of yellow and lighter tones. Lovely porcelain cutlery, also.

maison & objet trend: colour

Another big, big thing, in interior design as well as fashion, is colour. Pastels, nudes and greys are combined with more bright, bold, almost fluorescent colours. I saw combinations of colours without print, but also fabrics with prints with flowers. The motto is: put as much colour and flowers in it as possible, and then add a little more.

maison & objet trend: layering and stacking

Maison & Objet is, besides shop owners, visited by stylists and journalists, to see what is going on. Funny to see that some ideas that I saw a few years ago in Milan, found their way to other designers  Like the pile of mattresses by Dutch designer Richard Hutten. In the first image you see his design, shown in Milan in 2008.
You can see it translated in a way that is close to his design with a lot of colourfull mattresses, or, for a more sophisticated look: mattresses in soft greys, combined with grey pastels by Desio.

maison & objet, 1

A tiny part of the fair is Objets de Mode, with small boots for little design companies, like La Cerise sur le Gâteau, Zoe de las Cases, Miss Print and Numero 74. The designs are all really personal and authentic. But, if you want a general trend, there’s a lot of humour in it and a lot of colour.
La Cerise sur le Gâteau ( makes home linen, like dish cloths and bed linen, but I like the pillow cases best. With which you can add a light, funny and colourful touch to your house. (first image).
Zoe de las Cases ( makes inventive, cute objects for your house. Like posters, bags and boxes with beautiful old family pictures printed on them, or a game with different scents. Her latest design is this stamp kit, which you can use to cheer up you paperwork. Like contracts or bills, for instance. (last three images).

maison & objet, 2

I loved the wall paper and fabric by Miss Print, ( The fabrics are all hand printed. The wall paper Dandelion, shown in this picture, is also available in yellow and grey. (first image)
Numero 74 from Italy restores (and sells) beautiful vintage children’s furniture and also makes lovely soft hand knitted blankets and toys (, on the last two images.

my house

I really love my bathroom. It is in the middle of our house. If you open the sliding doors, you can watch movies on the wall from the bath tub. The bedroom is separate from the rest of the house. Images by Paul Barbera.

my house

I designed the interior of our house myself. This is office and my walk in closet. Images by Paul Barbera. The image of the greyhound is made by Euan Myles.

This is the camera I’m using for the images on my blog: the Olympus PEN EP1.

Like I said before, you can choose from different options to take really beautiful pictures without having to study for ages. This image was taken with the option Pinhole.