our trip to Paris

Last week I went to Paris, with my boyfriend and my two baby-girls Rosie and Viv.I brought along a new camera: Olympus Pen Ep1. It’s a digital camera but with a lens and all kinds of wonderful features. For instance, you can select different kinds of art-settings, like PopArt (with ultra bright colors), Soft Focus and Pinhole. I know it is cheating and real photographers will probably laugh at me, but I love it! Some features are a bit eighties, like soft focus, but Pinhole lets me take pictures in a way that I love. I really admire the work of Brenda van Leeuwen (www.brendavanleeuwen.nl), and there’s no way (no way!) these images look like hers. But they do reflect a bit the atmosphere she always puts in her images. A bit dark and moody (nice moody), and a bit dreamy.